Call for Papers

The Study Group on Author’s Right and Information of Federal University of Santa Catarina (GEDAI) announces the opening of deadlines for submissions of papers related to CODAIP VI, it will happen on 8 and 9 October 2012.


- The publication of the papers in the Annals depends on the presentation in the VI Congress of Author’s Right and the Public Interest.

- Will only be allowed the presentation of papers by author (s). In case of joint authorship, will be far enough the presence of at least one of them at the time of exposure. Will not be allowed to present the paper by others;

- The declaration of presentation of work will only be given to the author (s) who actually present the work on the Panel. Delivery will be effected by the moderator of the panel at the end of each presentation;

- Only unpublished works will be accepted and up to three (3) authors;

- Will be analyzed only works that follow the rules and the model shown in the site GEDAI / UFSC (click here), which are sent by e-mail until the day 20/08/2012;

- Will be accepted only work sent to the e-mail:

- Will be selected to present the best works;

- The list of accepted papers will be published on the site The forecast for the dissemination of papers approved for presentation is 01/09/2011. Authors will be notified of the outcome of the valuation via e-mail;

- The duration of the exhibition of papers approved for presentation at the Panel is up to 15 min per exhibitor and can be debate at the sequence of presentations or in the end, in a global debate;

- Will not be available audiovisual resources (data-show projectors, etc.). for the presentations of the work;

- The jobs are assigned by their authors at no cost to the Congress of Author’s Right and the Public Interest, that can publish them mentioning the names of the authors and the event. The resumes will be published in the printed version of the Annals and works in full will be made available on CDs and the Internet, on page GEDAI / UFSC.

- The work will be evaluated by double blind evaluation system (Double blind review) by qualified researchers from several institutions. In no case shall be accepted for replacement or modification of the content of the work underway.

More information at:

Phone:             (48) 3721-6746