The Event

The Study Group on Author’s Right and Information, of Federal University of Santa Catarina
(GEDAI / UFSC), presents on 8 and 9 October of this year in Curitiba-PR, in the Law School of the
Federal University of Paraná – UFPR and Cultural Space in Santa Maria, both located at Santos
Andrade Square, the VI Congress of Copyright and the Public Interest (VI CODAIP).

The 6th edition of CODAIP, event already established in the national discussion about the issues
associated with the Author’s Rights, again seeks to stimulate critical and deeply about the
topics of Intellectual Property Law.

The VI CODAIP is an international conference and will feature speakers from several
countries. Among them are already confirmed teachers José de Oliveira Ascensão
(Portugal), Dario Vicente Moura (Portugal), Guillermo Palao Moreno (Spain), Francisco Sierra
Cabalero (Spain), Pedro Miguel Asensio (Spain), Valentina Delich (Argentina), Sean Flynn
(United States) and Edna Duisenberg (Norway – the head of the Creative Economy Programme
of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development – UNCTAD).

This 6th edition will discuss topics that has been the subject of extensive discussion in Brazil and
abroad in the area of ​Copyright:

Copyright – Innovation and Knowledge

Copyright and New Technologies of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT’s)

Copyright and Cultural Diversity

Copyright and Social Function

Copyright and Digital Collections

Copyright and Access to Culture

Copyright and Digital Culture

Copyright and Human Dignity

Copyright and Competition Law

Copyright and Consumer Law

Copyright and Fundamental Rights

Copyright and Public Domain

Copyright and Creative Economy

Copyright and artistic expressions

Copyright and the Internet

Copyright and Creative Freedom

Copyright and Non-Voluntary License

Copyright and new business models

Copyright and Term of Protection

Copyright and Digitalization Process

Copyright and Information Society

Copyright and Creative Transformation

Copyright on the international stage